Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Greek's Marriage Bargain by Sharon Kendrick

Review by TashNz

4 Stars
The Greek's Marriage Bargain
Sharon Kendrick

I was looking in my Amazon wish list and came across Sharon Kendrick's the Greek's Marriage Bargain, purchased it and wasn't disappointed.

If you've read any of my reviews before you'll know I adore second chance stories and this was a brilliant one. 

Xenon arrives unannounced on his ex-wife's doorstep surprised at his Lexi's appearance. Lexi is now the complete opposite of who he married. No longer is she the bright and shiny pop-star starlet he once married, she's just a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl who's happy hiding away from the limelight in a quaint lil Devon, making jewellery. 

Like all good Greek Alpha's Xenon bribes her back into his life and with the life of her little brother in her hands Lexi reluctantly agrees to attend a family function that's important to Xenon. So away we're swept with lots of fireworks and drama on the way. 

I really liked Xenon, he was an Alpha but on a scale of one to 10 he was probably an eight because he was open about his feelings from the start. However, given the reason they broke up the one thing I would have changed if I wrote the story was the family occasion he wanted his wife to attend, although I understand that it gave plenty of scope for drama and tension. 

Lexi was a lovely heroine and I really felt her loss with her. 

From Devon, England to Rhodes to Hollywood The Greek's Marriage Bargain had plenty of great locations.

Another Sharon Kendrick winner :D

Published October 1 2013 by Mills and Boon Sexy