Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Sheikh's Last Gamble by Trish Morey

Bahir Al-Qadir is a man who has a past that has troubled him since he was a child growing up in the desert and part of a Bedouin Tribe he learnt a lot from his parents but he was a bright boy so he was sent away to England to study to make something of himself but tragedy strikes and Bahir’s life changes forever. He is placed in the care of a very cruel man and finally leaves and makes something of himself as a gambler and he never loses he has made a lot of money and it very wealthy travels the world visiting many casinos but he never returns to his homeland either it is too hard for him.

Marina Peshwah is a Princess but is very rebellious and does everything she can to not confirm to rules she is beautiful and also travels a lot but when she meets Bahir there is an instant attraction and they have a very sensual affair and when she arrives to see him one day with news he tells her he never wants a family and he then breaks their relationship and Marina goes her own way and settles down but never forgets Bahir.

Years later Marina is the unwed mother of two children and Bahir is asked by his friend to help save the spoilt princess after she has been kidnapped he also has never forgotten Marina even those he has tried hard to, he agrees only to help out his best friend and when they meet again there is no re-kindling of their relationship and they go their separate ways ignoring each other until again Bahir is asked to escort Marina back to her home to keep her safe.

Although not happy Bahir ends up escorting Marina home and the journey is tense but when he meets her son he realizes that Chakir is his son and although he has always said he did not want children he is determined to be a father to his son.

This starts an incredible journey that is both heart-warming and very sensual as they journey back to the place that Bahir lived as a child and has never returned to until this time and when he opens up to Marina you will need the tissues.

This is a beautiful story of re-kindled love and passion of two people opening up and learning about themselves and each other and of secrets being revealed and the setting is wonderful I do love a story about a Sheikh and a beautiful strong heroine. I highly recommend this one and gave it 5 stars, one not to be missed.

Helen Sibbritt

September 18th 2012 published