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Blackmailed Into The Greek Tycoon's Bed - Secrets of the Greek Isles by Carol Marinelli

Blackmailed into the Greek Tycoon's Bed
by Carol Marinelli
Blackmailed Into The Greek Tycoon’s Bed

Review by TashNz
6 Stars

If there is one book I can beg you to read, recommend for reading or shout from the rooftops you MUST read, this is it!

A fantastic beginning catapulted me into the most perfect story.  I had tears more than once (not even a slight exaggeration), I was moved, I was continually blown away by each path the story twisted and turned, I was NOT putting it down until I finished, no matter how early in the A.M it was (work next day), I absolutely loved the characters and I thought if this is the last book I ever read I will be truly happy!

The feeling one feels that they couldn't possibly start a new book until the feelings and memories of the current book fade - that was THIS book!  I have had this book on my to buy list for a long time but in my part of the world it hasn't been for sale on Kindle so I had it saved and received an email alert when it was put on sale and purchased it secondhand on a website we have in NZ called Trade Me.

Xante is a self made billionaire who is hosting the English Rugby Team at one of his hotels.  In his possession is a beautiful jeweled rose which once belonged to an English Rugby Legend.  Karin desperately wants the rose back, it's the only thing left that she has of her beloved grandfather and when the opportunity presents itself she runs like the wind... with the rose... only the wind is knocked out of her when the captain of the English rugby team sees her and hauls her back to Xante.  From there the most beautifully crafted story winds it way around my heart and completely flew me away to the world of Xante and Karin.  He saves her from scandal and they mutually help each other achieve what they want.

Twice I was brought to tears with Karin, one of those times is when he's standing in her home, discovering the sess-pit she actually lives in... another was when she describes her history, who she is, and how she's come to basically live in the library of her home.  She's so misjudged by Xante but even though there are times he is livid with her he still somehow knows there's something not quite right. I loved Xante, 100%!  The backstories were fantastic and the two completely opposite characters had spark and chemistry like no other.

I actually need to read a thesaurus so I can word this better, but from the bottom of my heart, if you love the emotional - broken - brilliant plot featuring a super duper alpha and beautifully broken heiress who you just want to have her hea, don't go past this one.

Timeless story which I give 6 stars.

Series: International Billionaire's #7 (if you're familiar with the series, the Six Nations rugby tournament is the common link.  I did forget to mention, the rugby coverage in this story was top notch and I could totally imagine the scene when they watched the game at Twickenham (especially after just watching our mighty All Blacks win the Bledisoe Cup in the weekend) but I'm not sure the changing room scene would work today because there are cameras in there nowadays)

I have read the other two stories in this book but will add their review another time (they are 5 stars too).

This edition published June 2015, original story July 2009

Kindle: here