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The Kouros Marriage Revenge by Abby Green

The Kouros Marriage Revenge
Abby Green
When shipping magnate Alexandros Kouros needs a convenient wife he has workaholic Kallie Demarchis in his sights and he refuses to take No for an answer.

Seven years ago Kallie was the sole reason he lost a very important merger and although he's buried the fury he felt at the time when she betrayed him as only a close family friend can betray him he's completely floored when he spots her across the room.  She is absolutely stunning and Alexandros has no doubt he will enjoy the marriage in the traditional sense and enjoy throwing her to the curb even more, like she deserves.  How convenient Kallie's uncle has approached him to bail him out financial difficulties and Alexandros doesn't hesitate to use this as the leverage to have her just where he wants her.

Kallie has always loved Alexandros.  Her schoolgirl crush grew into love, or so she thought the night she chose to declare it to him. Alexandros thought he'd kindly let her down until the morning papers were full of private conversations he'd only had with Kallie.  Alexandros rejects Kallie's pleas of innocence, back then and now.  Kallie doesn't want to see her Uncle fail and agree's to marriage.

What neither Kallie nor Alexandros bank on is the intensity of their attraction to each other.  Alexandros can't understand why he has to struggle to remember his marriage is supposed to be over within two weeks.  It's thoroughly enjoyable watching him turn from an alpha bear with a sore head to a passionate man with feelings.  Kallie also has to fight with herself to remember the marriage isn't meant to last and is constantly trying to dampen down her genuine feelings for Alexandros,  I really really liked Kallie, she had a genuine heart of gold and she stood her own very well which is really admirable given how long ago The Kouros Marriage Revenge was written.
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Alexandros is a gorgeous and growly alpha and I loved how even though Kallie is broken but spirited, she single handedly brings Alexandros to his knees.  I loved the secondary character of Thea who is Alexandros's fiercely loyal housekeeper and the importance of her few scenes.

From beautiful France across to exotic Greece, Abby Green weaves an intense, totally capturing and timeless story of two people who need to forgive and grab their chance with love by both hands!  Although this story is almost 10 years old it's a timeless tale.  I love that even back then Abby's heroines are strong and career minded women.  They are feisty and deserving of the love from their heroes. Kalllie is no different.

The locations of Kouros Marriage Revenge are beautiful and described in such a way I'm right there with them! The prologue sets the scene and mood for the story and Chapter One is straight into the action which continues to deliver all the way until the end.  I couldnt put it down and enjoyed lying in sun on a sunny spring Sunday and will find out tomorrow if I'm sunburnt because I was completely captured until the end.  There's emotion, intensity, passion, fab characters and I highly recommend if you're an alpha hero fan!

Published October 2007 by Harlequin Mills and Boon
Abby Green

5 Star Review by TashNz