Friday, April 3, 2015

More Precious Than a Crown by Carol Marinelli

More Precious Than a Crown
by Carol Marinelli
I adore Carol Marinelli's ability to find the perfect balance of emotion. I have to re use the well worn sentance: I was hooked by page one. I was whisked away from the beautiful sunny day outside, I forgot about the pile of washing to fold and I lost track of time I almost didn't care I was going to be late to meet friends.  That's how much More Precious than a Crown grabbed me, distracted me and whisked me away from my day.

Trinity seems on the outside a trouble making spoilt little rich girl, her Daddy a politician and her Mother full of plastic smiles, on the inside though she is a damaged little girl, her hopes and dreams of a normal life and escaping her family reality just not meant to be.  Her brothers best friend (or is he) Prince Zahid is the only small light in her day at family functions but even he is about to turn his back on the family.  But the one kiss they shared 10 years ago won't go away and when Zahid reluctantly agree's to be the best man at Trinity's brothers wedding, they're once again forced to face each other.

Trinity can't reveal her secret hell, Zahid can't do more than really offer a night, he's got a bride to chose and family duties he's bound to. But life isn't full of black and white and the grey's are a plenty.

Zahid is the perfect character. He's tall, dark and handsome and honour bound.  He's not used to having someone tug on his heart strings, in fact he didn't even really know he had one!  Trinity is the perfect example of why books should not be judged by their cover. She's absolutely delightful even though she's been through her own personal hell.  As each page is turned you wish and hope for nothing but their happy ever after.

I give this book 5 stars because there's not one fault to find and I LOVE emotion in the way it was in this book. I'm delighted to see there's a book for Zahid's sister.  I'm also thanking my lucky stars I came across this book in my local second hand store.  I've rescued it because it will definitely be read again!

Harlequin | Kindle Published September 2014

5 Stars
Review by TashNz