Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bought By Her Husband by Sharon Kendrick

Bought By Her Husband
by Sharon Kendrick
Review by TashNz

This book went to Kindle yesterday, so I thought it would be great to write a review.

Clearly known and remembered for the opening chapter, I have to say, this book must have been considered quite racy for a Harlequin Mills and Boon in 2006 when it was published.  It probably belongs in the Blaze category.  Quite funny reading Sharon's little notes about it on her facebook page here.

Fast paced, racy and full of angst, anger and revenge Bought By Her Husband is a quick read, an emotional read and one where you're left not sure quite of what to make of what one has read. (in a good way)

It's been seven years since her seperation and Victoria is in some serious debt and needs to find a way out, the only way is to get a divorce from her billionaire husband and hope the nice little sum of money she needs from it will settle everything. Alexi demands she come to Greece to settle and when she arrives it all goes haywire from there for both parties.

I like this book.  Alexi is one of the most arrogant and assholey hero's I've read in a while, and each page you do hope he redeems himself and the good side of him will shine through... He's hard to like and He's definitely unique and right up there with the toughest of tough.  I think the point of him is that his separation from Victoria has left him hard-hearted and the return of Victoria has him questioning everything he has tried to be and portray to the world.  Reluctantly agreeing to be his mistress for a week in order to secure the paltry settlement Victoria re-enters the world she has left far behind.

If I was to do anything different I would perhaps make Alexi a slightly more forgiving person, touch less assholey and I'd focus on the week they were together becasue they went from being mortal enemies to lovey lovey and we kind of missed that part of their journey as a reader.

I loved the angst, the emotion, it was a heck of a ride.

4.5 stars