Friday, August 12, 2016

His Diamond of Convenience by Maisey Yates

Review by Tash Nz

A shelf keeper!

A fanastic beginning to the story sees high society Vicoria click clack into ex MMA fighter Dimiri's gym and propose marriage, laying it out like the clear business transacion it is. Dimitiri has somehing Victoria wants and she can, in return, help him with what he needs.

Exciting story with exciting charachters. Dimitri is a hero like no other and adds an extra something to make the story unique. The complete opposite to Victoria who appears ice cold and quite snobbby as the story evolves it's clearly just her self imposed protecive layer.

With back stories that show why each person is broken and running His Diamond of Convenience is throughly enjoyable as two lost souls find their way to each other. It is a page turner and the break up is heartbreakingly emotional.

A shelf keeper!

4.5 stars for me