Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Italian Count's Command by Sara Wood

Taking it back to 2005
The Italian Count's Command
by Sara Wood

Ahhh!  Misunderstandings that could only be made in 2005.  Evil side charaters consisting of Dante's brother and Miranda's lazy and selfish sister...  A handsome and firey tempered Italian Count and beautiful Miranda, who selflessly loves her Count but is fighting tooth and nail to get her beloved son home with her.  Archaic demands... I Love it!  The perfect makings of a classic Retro read.

Caught in the worst compromising position Miranda could be caught in causes her husband to walkout, taking their son with him.  Exhausted from searching worldwide for them Miranda is stunned to receive a call two weeks later.  Dante summons her to Lake Como with a proposition she has not choice but to accept if she wishes to ever see her son again.

Facing a life of loveless marriage, kind hearted Miranda is sure she will be able to prove her innocence one day and decides to set about showing Dante they can be happy ever after and despite her advances being constantly thrown back in her face, Miranda hangs in there.

A great read which proably would score 1stars by everyone in this day and age, but this formula is what used to make these stories so good - the absolute opposite of my reality.  A brave heroine gosh darn it was determined to fight for what she believed in.

Loved it!  purchased for 50c at my local second hand store and worth every cent.