Friday, May 2, 2014

The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain by Abby Green

Abby Green, The Spainard's Marriage Bargain 
The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain is one of the many reasons I have Abby Green  as an Auto Buy and in my top 6 fave authors list.

My heart was thumping within the first couple of pages when Rowan, the heroine, is in a hotel waiting for her lawyer, sees a little boy trip and rescues him, upon which she stares into eyes the same as her own unique colour.  Could this be her son??? Enter Isandro who's about to thank the stranger for helping his son when, seeing Rowan, the whole world comes crashing down on him.  What an exceptional start to the book, my curiosity was hooked and wondering what on earth was going on.  As the saying goes, I was had at hello.

Rowan left her newborn son with her husband and disappeared off the face of the earth for two years.  Now she's back and desperate to get to know her son but to do so she first has to convince her ex husband Isandro that she's back and all she wants in the world is to reunite with Zac.  Since theirs was a marriage of convenience neither expect their feelings for each other to rise up to the level they do.

From London and Paris to Seville Isandro reluctantly lets Rowan back into Zac's life and a wonderfully written, highly emotional tale unfolds.  Reading The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain evoked feelings of emotion like no other, my heart was tugged all over the show, sometimes I was Team Rowan and other times Team Isandro.  Abby Green writes the tortured alpha like no other and yes he was a 10 on the bastard scale but with the incredible way Isandro was written, mixed in with the faultless tale that Abby weaves, I enjoyed the way the ice was slowly chipped away from his heart.  And then when you dont think any more tension can be packed in there was lashings of drama where only Isandro can save the day.

I couldn't imagine what Rowan went through (which is slowly revealed through the story) and combined with her desperate desire to reunite with her son mixed with her love for her ex husband she's a beautiful tortured ex wife.  The first time I read this book when the full reason was finally revealed I honestly got tears in my eyes and that's one of the reasons why this story has stayed on my bookshelf for many years.  She's so empty she does anything to keep the peace so she can spend time with Zac.

Abby Green has always been the fashion forward equivalent for writers.  Remembering this book was released in 2008 I think it'd be hard to find a similar story line from the same era or even today.

I don't recommend this story because it made me teary, I recommend it because it made an impact on me, it held my attention from start to finish and reminds me why I read these for the escape from Abby Green is on my auto buy list.

Published November 2008 but timeless.

5 Stars